About EC

This blog is all about sharing information for more effective communication. In this new world of globalization, immigration and global market, we are all forced to work or just to be in contact with people with different background, culture, ethnicity or conception of life. A key to success in such relationship is certainly good, effective communication.

After spending years studying and working in a multicultural country as Canada, I have seen the growing need for effective organizational skills in communication. That is we are living in a society with different ethnic groups, different languages, and multiple conceptions of life. We usually found ourselves embarrassed when it comes  to talk about other cultures, so we decide to avoid subjects about racial and ethnic group, afraid that we might offend others.

As a professional of communication, I want to do my part in sharing useful information I can grab from useful websites, newspapers, or from other professionals in the field. I also would like to learn from your comments.

Welcome to this journey of effective communication.


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