5 lessons learned from an amazing black woman: Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Black History Month – VoiceOasis

I am inviting you to go take a look at this interesting new post on Black History Month. Ever thought it was possible to fight evilness while preserving your humanity, your kindness? It it very difficult but yes you can; follow VoiceOasis here to find great tips from Mary Ann Shadd Cary, a woman extraordinaire who fought hard, loudly, but with gentleness and humanity.

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CBC Ottawa and the coverage of the recent Bus Crash: journalistic norms reinvented

Image from CBC Website

The coverage of the recent bus crash in Ottawa on September 18, 2013 is a good example of how media reports on major accidents.

Everyone in Ottawa must recall the full week of media coverage of the accident on every platforms. One media outlet will never forget its coverage of the Bus Crash as they had to deal with audience’s fire: this is CBC Ottawa. However, a trip to the CBC Ottawa building on October 1st—less than two weeks after the accident—helped me put into perspective this media coverage, and the way people have responded to it.

Before going further into details concerning CBC Ottawa’s coverage of the bus crash, let’s reflect on what is at stake in this coverage. What are the journalistic norms that are challenged here? Do traditional journalistic norms become obsolete? What are the steps for reinvention and how and when to trade journalistic norms? Continue reading “CBC Ottawa and the coverage of the recent Bus Crash: journalistic norms reinvented”

Ottawa Citizen, Journalism and the Future of Print

Ottawa citizen 1Last Tuesday I went on a trip to this very building. It was a good hour ride with OC Transpo from my home, but it was very worthy. Not only I had an inside look of the making of the news in a notorious newspaper, but I also had an opportunity to exchange on some journalistic concepts with notorious journalists. In fact, as a graduate student enrolled in communications, I was able to further the concepts I am learning in class.

I found real examples to create a basis for comparison and application of the readings included in my actual course New Directions in Journalism at the University of Ottawa. Of course, it was no surprise to find out that Ottawa Citizen, like the rest of the industry, had been challenged by the context of newspapers crisis that deepened since the financial crisis of 2008[i]. At the Ottawa Citizen, one of the key solutions to survive this crisis and secure a future for the paper was INNOVATION. Continue reading “Ottawa Citizen, Journalism and the Future of Print”